Serie om tid - 1) bara för dig som tycker tid är viktigare än pengar

by Peter Ingman — 26/06/2018

Viktiga fördelar med att ha en bra coach

Den här artikeln bygger i sin tur på en riktigt värdefull artikel i Forbes av R L Adams (som är utvecklare men också entreprenör). Han plockar upp värdet av vår tid, som aldrig kommer åter, medan pengar kommer och går. Författaren slår 23 tunga slag för varför alla som tycker att tid är viktigare än pengar har mycket att hämta från att lägga några timmar på att prata med en professionell coach. 

Några exempel på vad du kan ha din coach till:

  1. Få klarhet i något som du funderar på
  2. Få perspektiv på något som du har kört fast med
  3. Få hjälp att agera – get shit done
  4. Öka ditt självförtroende
  5. Förbättra en viktig relation
  6. Minska ett stresspåslag eller upplevd ångest
  7. Inspirera dig och få dig mer peppad för framgång
  8. Få dig att känna dig mer uppskattad
  9. Göra dig mer mottaglig för positiva känslor
  10. Ta bort onödiga distraktioner

I en digital värld har det blivit väldigt enkelt att bara logga in med sin coach och få värdefull tid att reflektera och komma vidare med sig själv. Framgången ligger i kontinuitet och att sikta in dig på dina drömmar.

And with the ease of use afforded by communication tools like Skype or FaceTime and iMessage, these individuals don't need to travel the globe just to meet with their clients. Whether it's to enhance your career, fulfill your goals, help you to grow and scale your business or drive more traffic to your website, digital coaches offer a golden ticket of sorts to achieving your life and business dreams.


23 Benefits Of Life Coaching

While I could easily outline hundreds of benefits that come along with having a virtual guide who's there for you at your beck and call, there are really 23 core benefits that exist. We simply have to realize that we can't do everything ourselves. Sometimes, we require the skills and expertise of someone who's immersed in the field of success and self-improvement, able to guide and steer us in the right direction.

#1 -- Gain clarity of purpose

They'll help you gain clarity of purpose. It's hard to achieve anything worthwhile when you're unable to define your purpose in life. By clearly defining the reasons you do what you do, you can better approach the task at hand with a clear mind and an enthusiastic sense of spirit. This makes all the difference in our attempts to achieve outlandish dreams.

#2 -- Held accountable for your actions

Sometimes, we don't have anyone holding us accountable. Even if your coach is just a digital coach who's there for you over Skype or instant message, we often tend to get things done when we know that someone is going to hold us accountable for it. It's hard to push through some of our personal stumbling blocks when we don't have someone ensuring we take consistent action.

#3 -- Provides insightful perspectives

Your life coach can provide insightful perspectives on all areas of your life. Often, it's good to have the perspective of an objective third-party and it allows you to reach deeper understandings about certain things in life or in business. An effective coach can help you look at things in a way you might not have seen them before in the past.

#4 -- Conveys experiential knowledge

Coaches who operate at the highest levels of life, business and sports, often come along with great experiential knowledge. In sports, the most effective coaches are often former superstars in their own rights. Same thing for business and in life. Finding the right coach is important, and it comes with a high degree of experiential knowledge, very much similar to a mentor, who can help to guide you through difficult times.

#5 -- Helps to increase your productivity

Working with a coach helps to naturally increase your productivity. You feel more inclined to do the work because you have the guidance of a professional to help move you closer to your goals rather than away from them. They illuminate fundamental principles such as the 80/20 rule to help you achieve more in the same amount of time.

#6 -- Assists you to take more action

Taking action is hard. We often feel stifled by procrastination. But a digital life coach is there for you to help move you past your tendencies for procrastination, making you better able to achieve your overall goals. When you can take a little bit of action every single day, you make progress rather than feeling left behind.

#7 -- Allows you to mitigate distractions

Time-wasters are the number one destructive things move us further away from our goals. We tend to get sucked into bad habits or spend time doing things that don't move us towards our goals. These professionals, even those working remotely, can help us to avoid those distractions through a number of strategies and methods that are akin to great coaches.

#8 -- Improves time management

They can help us better to manage our time. Time management is one of the best skills that we can develop to achieve our goals, and the better we learn to manage our time, the more likely we'll be to achieve big things. These individuals, working remotely over Skype or on the phone, can help to guide us through the best efforts for managing time better.

#9 -- Enhances communication skills

Naturally, you become better at expressing yourself, thus enhancing your communication skills. When you're required to convey your thoughts and motivations and emotions to someone on a regular basis, this is a natural occurrence. You eventually get better at stating precisely what's on your mind, enhancing your ability to articulate yourself over time.

#10 -- Boosts self-confidence

They're great at boosting our self confidence. Although some might consider it their job, when you have someone in your corner that's cheering you on, there for you when you need them, it's much easier to become self-confident. Often, it's that little push that we all need to reach our goals.

#11 -- Provides a healthier, more active lifestyle

Our health is paramount. Without it, how can we expect to achieve our goals? The truth is that, for the most part, we don't treat our bodies right. But having a coach by our side to help see us through some of the more difficult plateaus that we tend to experience while trying to get healthy and more active is an integral part in the process of self-improvement.

#12 -- Revitalizes relationships

Whether they're personal or business relationships, romantic or friendship, life coaches can help us revitalize existing relationships while also tending to new ones. They allow us to nurture existing connections, while also focusing on building up new ones with people in our social or career networks.

#13 -- Increases work-life balance

It's easy to get sidetracked when trying to pursue business or career goals. We tend to lack the work-life balance that offers a healthy state-of-mind. When we're actively pursuing success in some endeavor, everything else tends to suffer and the people around us clamor for our time that we simply aren't willing to give. They also help us improve work-life balance so that we can happily achieve rather than achieving to be happy.

#14 -- Helps you to achieve goals

Goals are important any way you cut it. Most of us have big goals but are unable to see the proverbial forest through the trees because we're entangled in the brush. They help you to properly define and achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they might be.

#15 -- Reduces stress and anxiety

When you have someone you can rely on, it reduces your overall stress and anxiety. They're known for helping us during the toughest of times so it's easy to see why they can ease the emotional burdens that we tend to suffer.

#16 -- Creates a laser-focused career approach

Your coach can help you laser-focus your career approach by determining just what you want, why you want it and what steps you need to take to reach that mark in your career. It isn't easy and it often requires the perspective and experience of someone who's been through the ringer and can help direct us along our journey.

#17 -- Guides you to make more money

By understanding what you want out of life and helping you to create a plan to get there, your life or business coach can easily teach you how to make more money. They are great at improving our skills and refining our approach, especially when it comes to our finances.

#18 -- Plays a role in overcoming fears

Most of us are stifled by our fears. Our inability to act is derived from the inherent threats to our physical, emotional or mental states that exist within the far-reaches of our minds. Coaches can help us to overcome those fears. They help to illuminate the pain-versus-pleasure paradigm so that it serves us rather than holds us back.

#19 -- Works to address limiting beliefs

It's easy to see why we feel left behind in life when our limiting beliefs tend to hold us back rather than empower us to lurch forward. When you have a limiting belief that's so ingrained over years and decades of repetitious mention such as "I'm just big-boned" or "money doesn't grow on trees," it's hard to overcome without the guidance of a professional.

#20 -- Allows you to embrace a new lifestyle

We often seek the help of a life coach when we're looking for a change. We're tired of the old patterns and we're looking to embrace a new lifestyle, one that will help to fulfill and drive us rather than burden and suffocate us.

#21 -- Improves overall motivation

It's not easy motivating yourself all the time. Even when you have powerful goals, sometimes you want to just take a break. And when that happens, you get left behind. Coaches can help to empower us by motivating on a daily basis. Like any other habit, that constant motivation can eventually settle in and become commonplace in our lives thanks to the help of a coach.

#22 -- Gets you inspired and hungry

Inspiration isn't always easy to find. Before we can become motivated, we need to be inspired. What inspires you? Life coaches can help to illuminate that inspiration and bring it out into the forefront of your mind. This is an integral part of the process in achieving anything.

#23 -- Helps you to feel more appreciated

It's easy to say that we don't need to feel appreciated. But when everyone around you ignores your feelings and doesn't appreciate the things you do, it's quite simple to get discouraged. Your coach can help to counterbalance that by telling you how much people do actually appreciate you, even if they don't tell you all the time.