About Brains

Brains är ett nytt media för att samla all kunskap om personlig utveckling och belysa svåra och komplexa frågor som gäller vårt psyke, kropp och själ. Att bidra till att öka känslan av "connection" (svensk översättningen förbindelse räcker inte till) och samtidigt minska ohälsa, frustration och utanförskap. Brains (n' Heart) is an editorial website dedicated to providing a wide range of information on personal development, organisational skills, leadership, spirituality, physical and mental practices to develop as human being and becoming the best you can. The purpose is to give pointers to relevant science, supply good advice on preventive strategies and also to provide inspiration that may benefit you as an individual See Brain as a collective of Experts within these named but also diverse fields. Brains purpose is to share a lot more resources and joint knowledge about an area which have been divided in silos. Now it's time to bring all knowledge together. Brains always seek to use authoritative sources in its effort to provide reliable, independent information. Brains publishes summaries with links to source material as well as self-produced content. However Brains can, and will, not take responsibility for the information found on the websites and it's up to the reader to judge and select, and the community at large to help each other. If you have any questions or suggestions for Brains, please get in touch! Brains is sponsored by McCloudMiller Group Read more about the Group here - https://www.mccloudx.com/